Out of Network Providers – Would you like to bill on your patients behalf and possibly gain more business? Patients don’t fully understand the complexity of medical billing so submitting their own bills to insurance for reimbursement can be very frustrating.

By utilizing our Mental Health Billing Specialist you can submit claims on the patients behalf and save them from this headache. We can also help you to understand what is covered or not covered out of network, how to use referrals to maximize patient’s benefits, and even tell which insurance payments can actually come directly to the office. This could help patients as well by not having to put forth the per session cost in full.

Benefit Verification
Insurance verification is obtained for new and current patient’s that have insurance changes. Information obtained includes: Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible, Number of Visits Allowed, Authorization Requirements, Allowable CPT Codes and any other conditions of the policy. This information is then reported back to you making you aware of any amounts due by the patient at the time of service.

Some insurance companies allow referrals from the patients PCP to out of network providers. Depending on the insurance coverage this could mean claims could process at the in network rate. We can provide this information when benefit verification information is given.

Please contact us for additional information on Out of Network Providers.