Mental Health BillingNeed a mental health billing specialist who knows how to receive the proper reimbursement for mental health claims? We have extensive knowledge in billing on behalf of In and Out of Network Providers. Unsure if you have the credentials necessary to see your patient?

Let us help determine what is covered and not covered along with benefit details. We can also help obtain and track authorizations including policies that have visit limitations. Please contact us for additional questions you may have regarding mental health billing.

Benefit Verification
Insurance verification is obtained for new and current patient’s that have insurance changes. Information obtained includes: Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible, Number of Visits Allowed, Authorization Requirements, Allowable CPT Codes and any other conditions of the policy. This information is then reported back to you making you aware of any amounts due by the patient at the time of service.

Prior Authorization
If allowed by the insurance carrier and authorized by the providers office this will be secured at the time of Benefit Verification.

Authorization Reports
Authorization reports can be sent out on a monthly basis depending on how often you choose the billing to be sent. The report includes patient name, insurance, authorization number, number of visits authorized or allowed, start date, and end date. This report will include all patients, allowing you to see not only those that needed authorization but any that may have a limited amount of visits per year as well. This will help save time and money by knowing how many sessions have been used and what is left preventing run over.

Authorization Management
We will alert you when authorized sessions are ending.
Need more sessions?
Let us call or help submit the necessary forms to make this request. (To save time forms can be filled out based on information we have on file and then sent to you for review, completion, and signature).
We can also follow up on already submitted requests.